Keith & Schnars (K&S) is a premier, full-service engineering and consulting firm that has served clients throughout the state of Florida since 1972. K&S offers multi-disciplinary expertise in the fields of engineering, land surveying, landscape architecture, planning and environmental sciences. The firm has played a key role in shaping the development of Florida’s growing commercial, residential, recreational, educational, and transportation infrastructure. K&S is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, with four satellite offices to better serve our clients throughout the state.

K&S is a vibrant company - unique in its vision and methodology. With over four decades of experience in the industry, the K&S name has become synonymous with high quality work, innovation, and a dedicated staff; all while maintaining its family-like atmosphere. We combine insight with knowledge, gained over the course of many successful years in operation, to offer innovative solutions that deliver value.

K&S is not a typical engineering firm. The company strives to retain a small firm feel and personal approach, while serving as one of Florida’s most influential industry leaders. This unique and delicate balance is special. It allows the firm to apply an inspired approach to problem-solving, and rely on its vast technical and functional expertise to implement change. K&S possesses extraordinary industry reach and experience, but is dedicated to providing detailed, specialized care to each individual client. We maintain an excellent reputation for our technical innovation and award-winning designs. We use our proven best practices, state-of-the-art technologies and legendary service to engineer the future for clients across the state. The depth and breadth of our technical knowledge and functional expertise is truly uncommon. Our practical understanding of regulatory requirements and diversity of project experience has been developed over decades as a leader in the industry. We take great pride in the fact that our work has influenced, and redefined the infrastructure of Florida.



Excellence is at the heart of the K&S culture. We strive to cultivate a professional philosophy – which is strong, collaborative and grounded in a clear set of simple values that are the cornerstone of our corporate legacy: Authenticity, Integrity, Innovation, Professionalism, Trustworthiness and Commitment to Community.

These values drive the essential elements of our core business and resonate throughout every task we undertake. They also determine a distinctive character that is evident in every aspect of our work. Every day, these values guide and influence the way we work with each other – and the way we serve our clients and engage with our communities. We are passionately committed to doing the job right.


There is a reason why K&S has a vast collection of repeat clients. Our firm is a difference maker – inspiring change by translating its vision into reality.  We are dedicated to our clients and faithful to the diverse stakeholders we serve. As the company of choice for almost half a century, K&S develops and manages ideas from concept to concrete, offering a broad-range of services and extensive depth of staff that is recognized for exceptional performance and service.

K&S has remained loyal to its esteemed corporate heritage, while endeavoring to evolve and reimagine itself to address the complex needs of the 21st century marketplace.  We serve a distinguished list of public and private sector clients with efficiency and economy.  K&S is uniquely qualified to help organizations make impactful change. We consistently exceed our clients’ expectations, and build enduring relationships. We create value for our clients, while reducing their overall project costs.

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