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Planning Department

Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Services

Keith and Schnars completed the Findings of Necessity to establish a Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) in 1,707 acres in the City of Miami Gardens. In accordance with Chapter 163 of Florida Statutes, our team completed various socio-economic and land use analyses, in order to determine if the Study Area satisfied the required criteria to establish findings of slum and blight.

Factors evaluated included: demographic and economic conditions, population densities; poverty levels and incomes; taxable value of real property, tenure and occupancy; code violation and crime. As part of the land use analysis, we evaluated physical and infrastructure conditions; current land use and zoning; incompatible uses; code violations; current building structural conditions; and existence of conditions that endanger life and property.   We are currently completing the first Redevelopment Plan for the future Miami Gardens CRA.  Visit for more information!

General Municipal Planning Services

Our Planning team members have served as consultants and employees for local municipalities. It is this municipal experience that sets us apart.  We understand the goals and objectives of our clients and how to identify the opportunities and challenges to implement these goals and objectives.

The K&S Planning team has experience in various planning studies. In addition to our experience in writing land development regulations and comprehensive plan amendments, we have completed visioning plans, strategic plans, revitalization plans, CRA studies and master plans. With all studies, our professionals will provide a thorough review and analysis to help our clients make an informed decision.

Our professionals are well versed in municipal planning and the Florida Statutes related to comprehensive plans. The K&S team has an excellent relationship with staff of the Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) through our many years of coordinating various public and private plan amendment projects.  Additionally, our same experience as municipal planners gives us a special edge, as we have also been tasked with implementing consultant crafted land development regulations.

Additionally, our multi-discipline team has experience in reviewing codes and plans for adequate public facilities and services consistent with Florida State Statutes. Our experience in transportation and mobility fee studies, for example, has assisted other municipalities in adjusting levels-of-service standards for transportation. As part of plan and permit review services, we are capable of reviewing development applications for consistencies with our client’s adopted Level of Service.

Private Development Services

The K&S Planning team has played a crucial role in the revitalization and design of towns, cities, redevelopment areas, and downtowns in the course of representing private developments throughout Florida.

Our understanding of the municipal review process, Florida State Statues, and zoning codes allows us to represent our private clients and literally influence, shape and redefine the built environment in Florida. Our team uses a proactive and comprehensive approach toward the management of its projects.

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